Monika Ogiska

Hi everyone… AbleDating script is most advanced and best dating script at the moment !

Arbi Haftavani

It’s about two weeks that has been established and during this little periods about 200 real members joined to the community.
Marc Megel

I have been googling Internet for 2 weeks searching for a dating package ready to install, and finally, I discovered ABK-Soft. I was so excited that I bought two packages Oryx and Chameleon.

Thank you,Michael Zoldan,CEO

I bought the Able Space script a while ago. Its very easy to navigate and fun to use. ABK has done it again one of the hottest dating and social communities that ive seen.

Vanessa Navarro

We are a Latin American Dating Site. We used to work with an free open source solution, but when we met CHAMELEON.

Cathy Redman

Hi ABK-Soft.

When I was researching all over the internet for my domain name and found ABK-Soft with good deal of the great features, I was satisfied for the features and later thought to get UNIQUE DESIGN the most exciting layout I ever had.

Micah J Shoecraft

ABK-Soft is The Only Solution For My Community Site Needs. No Other Company Has All These Features in One Package. 3D-City Will Be The Best Attraction To My Three Sites!

13th Apr, 2009

Great script!

Efstathios K., Greece

Great script!

We still can’t believe that we found a dating script with so many features (most of them are paid features in other dating scripts) for such a low price. The features of the script are awesome and we are very satisfied. We are running our dating site for over one year now and the administration is really easy.

F. M.

Am amazed of the package.Your products are incomparable to anything else out there- the quality, accuracy and functionality is unbelievable.

Nico Baird

Thank you for your patience with me!

What an incredible team. I bought the AbleSpace package about two months ago and believe me I did loads of homework before taking the step. From what I saw it was definitely a superior product. I had a small budget to start off with and could not wait to get thing going.

13th Apr, 2009

Great job ABK! Thank you!
Randy Mancini

This site is really awesome. It has everything you need and more then any other web site out there for dating.

Cesar Acuna

I was already bought dating software script on the net, but I’m not happy with it. The script is quite expensive and doesn’t give me profit but full of problem. It has been quite a long journey but I was able to find ABK – Soft Dating Script and I couldn’t be happier. I decided to scarf my first one with no hesitant. ABLEDATING script is low price with advanced features; the team installed the dating software for me at no cost. The great thing is ABK staffs are always there if you need help. I strongly recommend buying ABK Dating script is great idea, you make more money not a head ache.

Hi,I’de like to thank you all in ABK and express my feelings toward your support guys, whom very very nice and makes me really interested with ABK, with the pre-sale and also the after sale support, and i can see a great future for my website with the great Company ABK Soft.

Jeremy Henricks

When we originally launched our niche dating site for outdoor enthusiasts in 2006, we were using one of the most popular solutions on the market, which also happened to be free. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and over the last year we struggled to fix several bugs that were affecting our users and our ability to grow.


We had done much research into finding suitable dating software for our needs. We came across abledating and could not believe the layout and features we got for our money. We also aquired a unique design, which the designer came up with a design that certainly met what we wanted and are very happy with it. the tech support staff are very friendly and responsive and help with all the questions we have - which is a lot as we are new to this, so put up with the bombardment Ha Ha

12th Apr, 2009

Fantastic service!

Tommy Landry

You even get help afer the sales and installation. Fantastic service, Abledating worked realy hard with me to produce the site I needed, whatever the issues. My five year old website has the latest advanced script which will keep the members happy.

Thank you

Tommy Landry

Dennis Sullivan

Thank you so much for your fast and perfect help! The Able Dating software is the best I have ever seen, and there are so many things you can do, its not just a dating software.

Simon Johnson

Gotta Say, you people are amazing. The dating scripts have provided me with the best possible start to my only social network business. After releasing into the wild, I already have hundred of people visiting and signing up.

Mehmet KURT

I am very satisfied with this strong and nice software. It brings so many different features together in one place for a reasonable price.

12th Apr, 2009


Francisco Santana

Dear ABK-Soft,

My unique desing it is now completed and i can only say GREAT GREAT work; the quality and feedback recieved by Ibragim since the begining have been superb.

Svidanto Team

I just wanted to send you a note that I am very pleased with Chameleon Software. You did a fabulous job on my unique web-site design!!! The flexibility and functionality of your software is a major reason why I selected Chameleon. Your communication and follow up are superb. Please add me to your list of references as I would be glad to give you a good reference.

Thank you again for all your help! -

Svidanto Team @

12th Apr, 2009

Awesome software!

Ramon Chavez

“Perfect - 10/10″

Nice, I’m the webmaster of 3 sites based on abledating, and i love them, they are friendly, simple and if you have basic knowledge of php & html, you can achieve everything you want.

12th Apr, 2009

Your software is AMAZING!

Jos Jaspers

Dear ABK-Soft,

In late 2007 I contracted with an Indian firm to develop a social networking
platform for my company. I’m an author and entrepreneur, and do a lot of
work in the therapeutic industry. The software was intended to serve as a
networking location for parents and therapists, and then I planned to expand
it into other areas of social networking. The process was a disaster. The
project, which was supposed to last three months, ended up lasting over a
year. And in the end they couldn’t deliver. I ended up wasting over $15,000.

Recently I came across your software. I read everything I could about you
(positive and negative), and felt I’d give your product a shot. And now,
after less than two weeks I am thrilled.

I know I’m a “difficult” customer. I’m often too direct with my criticism.
But don’t let it fool you. You have an amazing product, for which I am very
thankful. I can’t wait until my first site is complete so I can move on to
the next. I’ll learn more with each implementation.

So you can plan on seeing my blog entries, as the one mentioned in the
message below, anywhere I can find to do so on the internet. If any of the
“negative” reviewers had ever gone through the nightmare I went through with
my programmers they would never see this the way I do. Your software is
AMAZING. I believe it will serve my niche markets magnificently, and I
believe it will make me very wealthy.

If there are “negative” spots on the internet where I can counter the
negative comments made by others, I will find them. As more of my sites are
completed, my voice will be more and more powerful in opposition to those
who are bashing a great product.

So thank you again.

Tony De Sousa

I will like to thank ABK Experts for the support and outstanding service, I will recommend to any one who is looking at starting a dating site and with a company that will be at your side all the way from start to end.

Thank you, for all the support.

Charles E. Moran

Some time ago I was heading a local singles group in the suburb I was living in.  We met once a week at a local restaurant bar.  We wanted to create an online presence that included dating.  I began my search and quickly realized there were several of them.  The task was to compare them all and try and make a decision.  Able Dating led the pack in all fields.  They had better and more features, the price was reasonable, the script was open source and expandable, and with support for more than one tier of membership; in short it was way ahead of the field (who else has video chat?).  What also helped our decision were the support forums.  I noticed that the people using the script were helping each other and the ABK support staff was also helping.  I had a few questions that needed answering and the sales team always answered promptly.  Support didn’t stop after the sale though.  My subdivision, in a city called Kingwood, was not on the city list for Able Dating.  Their support staff added it for me promptly.  I have needed their support very few times, as it should be with well thought out and well written scripts, and they were always quick to get on fixing my problem.  I have had the script running for almost three years now and still would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in starting their own dating site.

From the staff of

Kingwood Singles LLC
Kokopelli Singles

J D Enriquez

AbleDating is a great script solution for a very reasonable price, but what really counts is the service of the support team, with a very low time of response to any issue or doubt you can get.

AbleDating has everything that we need, a chat, video and audio messaging, an easy to use administrative panel and an affiliate program setup.

We are happy that we are working with AbleDating script, it was the right decision.

12th Apr, 2009

All the best to you guys!

Evgeni Kolomeyets

Our company select exactly this script, because there are a lot of features. We believe that our website will be profitable for us. We want to thank ABK Soft and also ABK Experts for everything what they done for us!


12th Apr, 2009

I’m satisfied.

Arthur Oliver

After months of searching for an adaptable, user-friendly software, I chose Chameleon  because of its tremendous features, and responsive staff. The long search and decision was worth its weight in choice. I’m satisfied.

Lorenzo Macchi 

Chameleon is a great software for use Dating. It is an excellent compromise between quality and price.

In addition, the assistance that is provided is complete.

In my opinion is the best software for entering in the Dating World.

Sriramana Tirumalasetty

Hi there,

I have purchased Oryx over six months now, and I’ve never been over whelmed over a script the way I am about ablespace community site. After searching the internet and checking out softwares and programs. I have gained experience on the internet,lets just say, i know my whereabouts. I have decided to purchase a dating script after discussing the matter with my girlfriend from the Philippines she encouraged me to purchased a community script instead of a dating script. I have searched and tried out many script before and after I purchased Oryx and based on my personal experience I can say one thing “None can be compared to Oryx.” There might be other scripts out there but there are few script marketers who offers 99% total control over your purchased script and also support with technical problems that you encountered after you purchase a script from abk-soft. Others charge an installation fee while abk-soft install the script free of charge. To this end I would refer anyone to purchase Oryx, you would regret it, I didn’t and it had been over six months now. :-)


12th Apr, 2009

Great job!

Kip Massey

ABK-Experts have continually shown us speedy “expert” service. You have made our experience great and leave us impressed with the level of response and support delivered consistently.

12th Apr, 2009

My special thanks to ABK!

Andy Nguyen

My special thanks to ABK, exactly the name EXPERTS. This was the best script I could find, with the level of response and support delivered consistently.
Thank you very much.

12th Apr, 2009

Strongly recommend

Kingwood Singles LLC

Some time ago I was heading a local singles group in the suburb I was living in.  We met once a week at a local restaurant bar.  We wanted to create an online presence that included dating.  I began my search and quickly realized there were several of them.  The task was to compare them all and try and make a decision. Chameleon led the pack in all fields.  They had better and more features, the price was reasonable, the script was open source and expandable, and with support for more than one tier of membership; in short it was way ahead of the field (who else has video chat?).  What also helped our decision were the support forums.  I noticed that the people using the script were helping each other and the ABK support staff was also helping.  I had a few questions that needed answering and the sales team always answered promptly.  Support didn’t stop after the sale though.  My subdivision, in a city called Kingwood, was not on the city list for Chameleon.  Their support staff added it for me promptly.  I have needed their support very few times, as it should be with well thought out and well written scripts, and they were always quick to get on fixing my problem.  I have had the script running for almost three years now and still would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in starting their own dating site.


From the staff of

Kingwood Singles LLC


Kokopelli Singles

Aaron Becker


“Business-Space is a great software package for almost any type of business and Gary Collar was very helpful throughout the entire process. They will help you design your webiste and then install the software on your own server. They will even to custom modifications if you ask them to. I would highly endorse these guys to anyone that is interested in purchasing their products.”

- Brenton Enterprises

12th Apr, 2009

Coding is well organized


I spent years looking for dating script and load of money (thousands) making
a site that is no longer give people what they need. Abk-soft dating site is
by far, the best, the most completed dating site today.

Two thumbs up for the dedicated support!

12th Apr, 2009

Professional work

Christos Loizou

I’m   very  happy  with  the  support and the work done. Anything that i wanted was done on time. Professional work.


This is the best dating software on the market. Its variety of features can not be matched by any similar products on the market. The price may seem a bit too high, but it worth every penny. You get not only great product, but serious support and assistance with it. Software works great straight out of the box, but if you are programmer - the sky is the limit!

12th Apr, 2009

Easy installation and use


This script includes many functions and is very comprehensive.

12th Apr, 2009

Great support

Schwertberger Andreas

Dear all

I would like to thank you for your great support and your technical help. I realized that ABK Software team is very technical and they are result oriented. I think that Abledating is one of the best in the market. Friendly and effective support too. Their design team is also very professional.

12th Apr, 2009

My compliments


Can we say that we are very satisfied about you, experts? We are more especially satisfied about you experts, working fast and friendly. The basic working and admin are excellent and the things built by you also. My compliments.

Helge Pedersen Tomren

I’m very happy with the service of and I hope they will grow big like my site This is abledating software I have been online for 1 and half year now and i got 400 members on my site. I want say this script is the best you can get online web and service the abk-experts work fast and is the best and fastest web-coder you can get.
I think they help you with any thing and that’s very good :)

12th Apr, 2009

All the best to you guys!

Jeetendra Lulla

Hi Able Staff,
I am so thankful to you all guys and gals out there working at abledating. You guys had given me such a great script which not only works but also is easy to install and use.

12th Apr, 2009

First class service!

King Aibangbee

Abledating customer support is one of the best I have experience. Always on the mark, never had any reason to complain. First class service really! really!!


Quick to respond and willing to take on any project with fair and ethical dealings. I rely heavily on Abk-experts. Thank you for all your help.
Sincerely Toby.

Michelle Nobelis

Support is great. Receive fast and efficient service consistently.

12th Apr, 2009

Thanks ABK-Soft!

John Kolade

In the past ten years, I have look online for script that does one thing or the other. Over the years I have tried different script, the are many to mention but for the sake of privacy and prevention of defamation I will not mention them. if you need a list of those once have tried let me know.

Among all the dating script online, I Chameleon is the best of the best.
Before talking about the features, the price is very considerate of them. Judging from the work and hours they put on working on the script, the price is relatively low. This show the care that they have on their customer.

Features, I don’t even know where to start, I have not yet seen a script offered online that is full of features as this. Is it the VOIP, or the widgets, or video sharing, or music. This is,, put together for the use of all my users except its even way better.

Now I’m running site with peace of mind knowing for sure that a first visit from new user will keep them coming back for more. Abk_soft give you the ability for a user to visit your website for the first time, and that person keep visiting the site more often to the extend that each user will willing share the fun with friend and family. Given your site opportunity to grow.

Thanks Abk-Soft
John o kolade

Jose Luis Sanchez Rodriguez

I am very pleased with the acquisition of chameleon, in just three days I had my site online thanks to the excellent support they gave me.

Todd Fournier

Thanks for all of the help guys! I would like this email passed on to a manager to let the customer service highest exective know that the people at Chameleon/Abledating have been great on the customer service side and always patient as I have had a lot of questions concerning my ownership of abledating and then the matriculation to Chameleon. I’d like to specifically call attention to Gary Coller as well as the help of Mikhail Cherkassky. Both have been patient with my long dialogue rants and challenges in making things work for my dating section of my site and getting it sorted out to be used one day in the future. Communication has been great and speed of responses expedient and helpful as if my problems actually matter. Please consider a raise for both of these 2 individuals when it comes time for their performance review as I can recommend both men from personal experience.


Hi everyone ! I have been looking for the dating site for some time now. I am a web entrepreneur for nearly 7 years now and I own different internet website and have spent a lot of time over the past year studying all kinds of online dating sites .

12th Apr, 2009

Outstanding service!


Just want to thank you guys all for the outstanding software and support. The software is great combined with the helpful support at your ticketing system and Skype. I’m very satisfied so far and will recommend anybody to chose Abledating for their dating/community sites.

Thank you again.

Anthony Martini CEO

After searching tons of softwares on the Internet and trying others that failed I purchased Able Date for my site at http://www.DateAccess.Com

Before I purchased the Dating Script from your company I purchased Able Space for my site at

I have been in the Internet Business since 1999 and I was scammed by many companies who never delivered the softwares that I purchased or the software totally sucked.

After purchasing your Software Able Space I was totally 100% satisfied with the Programs and your Support Team that I also purchased Able Date for my dating site at

I never had any problems with the programs or your support team or your company.

I was so happy with your service and your support that I decided to purchase 2 Differnt softwares from your company.

It is a crying shame that you spend thousands of hours creating one of the best softwares in the industry and then you have some scmuch of a looser that knocks your great company down.

No matter what the crazy reviews are from losers and your so called competition I will remain a loyal customer of  ABK-SOFT LTD., and thousands of your customers will also remain loyal to a Great Company like yours and a Great Support Team.

Thanks again for the best software on the Market!

Your faifthful Customer,

Anthony Martini CEO


SLDating Network, The Netherlands

After doing my homework and researching all the dating software development companies I could find, it became very clear to me that ABK-Soft and his staff have my best interests in mind.

Omar Malki

By now we can’t speak about success-stories of our customers, but for us one of the most important things is to get support when needed.


I am satisfied with this strong dating software, and the exceptional and professional service I have received from the support team.

12th Apr, 2009


The Abk software is great.
But that’s just the beginning.
The support (which by the way I have had some bad experiences) More than met my expectaions as a company to deal with.
Don’t know how they put up with me as I’m very demanding as well as doubtful.

Burley Brewton

On AbleDating software I have found a complete solution with many valuable features to build a good dating site. After buying and using several software packages from others companies the most impressive differentiation besides the software itself is the support customer experience.

12th Apr, 2009

Extremely good software!

Richard Antonio Saravia Alvarez

I bought the ABK software a month ago and I’m very satisfied with it. It is the best and most quickly customizable product I have seen so far. Customer support is extremely good, all my questions have been answered immediately.

12th Apr, 2009

There is nothing greater!


I love my software…It’s the absolute best out there. There is nothing greater!


I would like to thank the ABK-Soft team for there kind support and assisting me with my websites. The quality and feedback i recieved was great and very professional. Keep up the great work!


How often do you get MORE than you ever expected?

We knew we wanted a web based business. After months of research we decided that a dating or social type of site was for us - but had no clue where to start. More research. We examined every possability out there and left no options uncovered. We examined and did a full analysis of the best there is on the internet.

Mate Kaszas


My name is Mate Kaszas - Head Admin of Atlantis Network. Although my network hasn’t started yet I must let everyone know how great are the people at ABK-Soft!!!
I bought Ablespace with Unique Design and I must say that I am impressed! After researching for so many scripts I finally found one which actually works, has more functions than one could ever need, the best support which exist out there and the most talented designers in the WEB 2.0 industry!

Ian Waters

We spent some time looking at software for dating sites and after many hours of investigation we decided to buy Abledating for our site.


i want to thank you for your great support -with the speedy help of the lisence key,wich was provided in minutes to me by support(Gary and his team) - and the guys that help with the general questions and fixes - and a big awsome for 3dcity !

Tammy Kendrick

After getting fed up with the limitations of using another Social Networking site for a few weeks, we decided to go with ABK’s Able Dating software instead. The features offered are 10 times better than what we were using. From the first pre-sales encounter through installation, we couldn’t have asked for better response times and a pleasant staff. Even on weekends and evenings, we usually received a quick reply. The entire team has been very willing to do whatever it takes to get our new site up and running as smoothly as possible.

Tammy Kendrick

James Chirillo

Dear ABK-Team!

I am highly impressed by your work and wouldn’t want to lose you as a dating script developer. I think I need you more then you need me. The support of your team is really excellent. I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you at ABK for making this powerfull script. Your dating software with new AJAX-Technology an all that great features is a brilliant piece of work. You are quick with the response and helpful. Thanks ABK for a quality product!

Julia Mamgain-Diem

I don’t have any experinece with setting up a website especially a dating website. When I found AbleDating online, I was amazed at the features, the low price and the quality of the product. When I bought the software, I wasn’t able to install it since I have never done that before, so I contacted the support center.

The staff was very helpful, they gave me immediate response and set up the complete website within a few days. Abledating offers amazing tools and is easy to use for everyone (even for me).

Julia Mamgain from Switzerland

Tim Mouton

It is always difficult in the setting up process; and perhaps this is premature, as we are not fully set up, and have not received all of the software that is to be included in our package; but I must tell you as
an interim report, I am very impressed with your response time and “correct” data for answers. I am so glad I came to able dating for my sites than Dolphin or Ska-Date!

It is always a headache setting things up; but so far, I find this to run like the Rolls Royce over Ska-date and Dolphin. I’m still trying to figure out why you do not capture more of the market? It’s good for me, as my sites will shine beyond the others!

I am formulating a commercial right now for our site; the one you are about to deliver and upload.

IF there is a “hurdle” to hit; I feel confident that you guys will assist me in resolving it.

I am very pleased thus far.


Tim Mouton

12th Apr, 2009

This software is perfect!

Gudrun St?rzl

This software is very powerful and I am glad I’ve found it, I am starting a new business with this great software.

12th Apr, 2009

Thank you ABK-Experts!

Roselyne Giraud


Found the team very professional and very fast. Their kindness and experience make them a strong team. I am fully satisfied with the products and human contact as soon as I have a problem.Thank you again to you.

Mehdi Mohammadi Dehghani,
Amin . J

We had a huge project and we needed a social networking script to make
our project work. After many search we found out that Abledating is
the best social marketing script and it has more feature that we could
even imagine.

Martin Williamson

I have purchased Abledating software when moving from other dating software. That was a great decision. I am very positively surprised about the software itself, the service that Abledating provides, but most of all, I appreciate help that ABK-Experts provide. The guys have excellent skills, knowledge and do such a good job. All my modifications were performed quickly and professionally. It looks like there is no task they couldn’t do. It gives me so much confidence because I know the guys are always there when I need help and support. I think one of the biggest advantages of ABK software is that you are never left alone once the software is purchased.

Tobias Clement

I just want write some sentenses about ABK-EXPERTS. Until now, i ordered three modifikation. The work of the Coders is very Good. They Code clean and fast, and are awaly willed to help you out of any trouble that you have with your Script. I can recommend ABK-EXPERTS to everyone how wants to have some custom work done.

9th Apr, 2009

AbleDating is awesome!

Carlos Eduardo

Thanks ABK-SOFT,

Let me just say that I got a great service, and support is given. Supporting your site is really superb. You also have a great script provided Able-Dating and even install for me really top guys that testified of reliability and loyalty to your customers.

Best regards,


David Johnson

Having purchased the ABK’s dating software and had extensive modifications to suit our needs done by their designers we can only say that the work that they delivered was first class, on time and extremely professionally done.

Whilst they have a service/backup department that attends to any script ‘blips’ such as incorrect languages etc etc, they also (and for no extra charge) either put right any server/host issues or advise where a host is going wrong with the issues regarding hosting.

We felt at ease and completely comfortable with the stages of launching a new dating site whilst we hade ABK behind us advising us where to go and what to do.

In all I would strongly recommend ABK and their software products to anyone seeking such a venture.

Mr. David Johnson

ABK is the best
I bought ABK software and started my own web-site and im very happy you should buy ABK to its the best bang for you’r buck.


Yes I am very excited about the new version that will be coming out! I am generally very happy with this software. Of course I am new to it and I have found a few small issues with template errors and a few small things that I would like to see with my site and the helpdesk people have been very good about helping me!


Samhan Alkathiri

After long time from searching and comparing between many community’s software, I found this great script, it’s the software who will move your web site to the next level “Professional Level”.

Jeff McFadden

Your software and design looks very professional and eye catching. I love its features and flexibility in tailoring it to my own tastes!

Jason Vandenbrink

When I decided I wanted to build my own social networking website, I began contacting local website businesses in my area to see how much this would cost. The average response was about $5,000 - $10,000 to build a site that included only a few basic features. Although I was seriously considering this option, I also began searching the Internet for dating and social networking scripts. After having examined dozens of other scripts, I finally came across ABK-Soft’s AbleSpace 1.0 script. I knew right away this was what I wanted. It had more features than I could have ever imagined, and the price was very reasonable.

Dear Team,

Just to say thank you for the great support of the software you have supplied us with. At first it was very frustrating when we obtained the software but the support team made it very easy for us by helping us to resolve issues that we encountered while setting up and working on our web site.

Thank you ABK-Soft for the prompt support and understanding of our problems.

Best Regards,

Alex K

23rd Dec, 2008

Best thanks ABK SOFT!

Martina Sponheimer

ABK SOFT is the best one what to one can happen. Now we also are, besides, under an insanity script with incredible futures. Really good support and best help when you have problems. And the best all around-the-clock. We can only recommend this side.

Jason Vandenbrink

After weeks of searching the Internet for the best dating/social networking script, I finally decided on Abk-Soft’s AbleSpace. This was by far the best script I could find, and the price was great. My site has now been running for a little more than a month, and I absolutely love the software.
Howard Lee Gatch

In today’s world of horrible customer service and crappy product - abledating and its entire highly trained and professional staff is A+!!!
Cathy Redman

Hi ABK-Soft.

When I was researching all over the internet for my domain name and found ABK-Soft with good deal of the great features, I was satisfied for the features and later thought to get UNIQUE DESIGN the most exciting layout I ever had.


I am very happy with the service provide before and after the software was installed and ready.
fatima pardhan

I am very satisfied with this strong software ,and the exceptional service I have recieved from the support team .


This script is full of nifty features and does provide a great environment for online interaction …

Martin Satyahadi

After extensive research, I decided to buy the software. It really fit my small budget and the features is beyond my expectations.

Fleman Aka 

Great script! easy to install and user friendly.

3rd Jun, 2008

Well done ABK Soft!


Abledate script is a very well written script and fully functional, we spent a long time looking for a script this good.

Jim Fields

I want to thank you and your team for creating such an incredible template. You have definitely thought things through while in development.

Flaviu Tataru,

Thanks Abledating for this amasing script.It’s exactly what my users search every day: A COMPLETE DATING WEBSITE .

Bas Alting

Here’s my photo.
Even this action is great! And i Know, all features of ablespace are great. And I Think anyone will agree with me, the support is perfect!


Dear Frank Rowley,
I bought ablespace, because there so many awesome features in the
script. The most interesting features is the 3d city.

31st May, 2008

Excellent service!

GG - Anaheim, California

Your wonderful software is only outshined by the efficient service your staff continues to provide!

21st May, 2008

There Is No Substitute!
Fredrick W. Stetson
Testimonial Fredrick W. Stetson an Family

This is how it started for me I was shopping around for a long time to start a company on the internet. I am by far from Rich ( with 10 kids) so i thought Hmmm What Good can i do On the internet Well needless to say A Dating service! So i was doing my thing with the search engines went to Everyone of those other Websites, did the math thing they were just way to much for me!

12th May, 2008

Awesome service!

Jason Vandenbrink
When I decided to create a late night chat and hook up site, I knew I would need some really great dating and social networking software. I spent weeks searching the Internet, testing demos and examining features and prices, before picking Ablespace from Abk-Soft. This was definitely the best script I could find.

My site is now doing awesome, averaging over 110 new members a day. The support at Abk-Soft have been great, and I’ve now ordered my first mod from Abk-experts. I was so thrilled with their work I’m already planning to order some additional mods. Overall, I could not be happier.


Great! When I looked for a dating script, I visited many websites, like you. Finally, I chose ABK by what seemed to me the script’s most forward-looking. Many things are changed in ABK since my purchase: the script is better, support is better. I also read bad reviews on ABK but I sincerely believe that these people do not work in development.

21st Apr, 2008

Thank you ABK-Experts!


My Special thanks I would like to address to ABK Experts for their quick and valuable help that made my site function in any aspect! THANK YOU!


A couple of weeks passed by the time i purchased ABK-Soft dating script, witch i’ve used it to create an online fun community, and till now all things are as planned, users start to create accounts, people read the subjects that i write on the blog, forum, etc., and money are coming from adsense :).
Kaamil Smoczynski

Awesome 10/10
Knowledgeable, unparalleled service, innovative ideas, value added, client forward, individualized approach. I have never seen dating software like such as Able Dating.

12th Apr, 2008

Awesome service!

David F.

We are French and have used the software “chameleon” to our website. The ABK Expert programmers are stellar. They have done on our website all the changes requested in a few days. We would also like to thank Mr. Gary Paste (ABK-Soft), who quickly responded to our questions and really helped us to install the software.

Thank you to all the team.

12th Apr, 2008

GOOD WORK! Keep it up!


In my 10 years of  life in IT field, I have not seen the type/level of support these guys provide. GOOD WORK! Keep it up!

10th Apr, 2008

Awesome script!

Trevor Lautenschlager

I have been looking for a community site software with extensive features and user friendly aspects. I found Abk Soft and they had all the answers for me. The tech support and customer support was quick to handle any questions I had. The software was very easy to install.

I have been using it now for the past 8 months and can honestly say I have never been happier with any software I have ever boughten. You have so many features you beat out most any of your competitors when using this site software. Also many other charge very high prices compared to Abk Soft their software worked, easy to install, quick tech and customer support for a fraction of the cost that other companies are charging.

I would recommend them to anyone looking to start their own dating site or community site that needs versatility and strong support when it is needed. Thank you all for all of your help. You have helped me out in so many ways with your support and software. I truly appreciate it very much. TY again,

Trevor Lautenschlager
Lexington Ky.

3rd Apr, 2008

Thanks to Able-Soft

Paulo Vidal

So many features, so little time to test all, what can I say, see for yourself the best peace of software in dating, and comunities online.

Joseph A. Thomas

ABK Soft is a very professional company from their software to their designers.

Joseph A. Thomas

I was with another dating script company and there name will not be said here trust me they were really bad. So I started looking for another dating script company for our website we wanted to get off the ground. I fell upon Able Dating and started talking to the sale people, we real fell in love with this man named “Frank”.

ABK-Soft offers one of the most amazing packages ever created in the dating/social networking world. The quality of work is outstanding and their software has everything you can ever need! The prices are extremely decent for the quality you get! Additional features included such as games, 3d-chat, and 3d-city make dating and meeting others in more than just the standard profile way on nearly all dating websites now! It is interactive and fun!

22nd Mar, 2008

Superb support team!
Lindsey Rojas

Kudos to! My advise to those who already bought this software is to be patient in perfecting your website.

18th Mar, 2008

10 out 10 AbleDating!


Thank you for such an amazing piece of software, it fullfilled all our requirements straight out of the box!

7th Mar, 2008

Well done!

Alexandra Eleftheriou

Great work guys! Well done!More... Good support after purchase. Quick problem solving.

Alexandra Eleftheriou

Ioan Badita 

Thank you ABK Soft for the script and for unique design. I wanted a good website in order to make some money with google adsense and I couldn`t find any good and serious scripts. After trying pony space for one of my domains I was convinced to spend more money for able dating with unique design. I`m really happy with the final product and I think I`m gonna have a good business relation with abk-soft from now on for more scripts. 

Daniel Wittkopp,

Thanks Abledating for this super script.
It’s exactly what i have search. You are the best on the markt ;-) Now i can make site my dreams. Your script have so much thinks and this make him like big maschine ;-)

Ted M.

After searching for many months a stable dating/community script, ABK came through with the perfect solution.

Director - Michael

ABK-Soft is one of the most unique and modern dating scripts i have seen. After searching the web and talking to many people i came across Able Dating and thought, this script is too good to be true. For months i spoke to the support team and tried to find a catch on why the script was so cheap before i purchased it. The support team were very professional and willing to answer any questions, so i purchased the script and i have been very pleased ever since.

Testimonial - Kristjan Ugrin & Jani Cerne, RumenaVrtnica Team

Great software, even greater support!

When we got the idea for setting up a dating-oriented community, we searched through all the possible options. First we started to look at free scripts, but they didn’t seem to offer something different or special, so we would end up with yet-another-dating-community web service.


When I first began my dating site I had barely any knowledge what so ever about scripts, html, …etc. But ABK made it very simple for me to understand.

22nd Feb, 2008

Every problem was solved

Many thanks from austria Chris

Hello on all member

many thanks to all ABK-Soft technical support management mebers. the competence of all the members has helped, our project to be completed in time.

18th Feb, 2008

Unique Design - 10/10

Jonathan Lazarus - Executive Director, ATI 

My goals with ABK where to create a community exchange website where users interact to learn a new language.

Ricardo Veas

Estoy reci?n comenzando con Ablespace y estoy muy sorprendido con la gran cantidad de caracter?sticas y desarrollos que tiene este software, se ve que es muy completo y est? muy bien pensado y espero que tenga ?xito a nivel de Latinoam?rica.

Mark Breadon

To Gary Coller and everyone else at ABK Soft

Just a quick to e-mail to let you all know how constantly amazed we are at just how good your company customer service is.


We have had our own community solution with many thousands of subscribers in the comunity.
We provide the service absolutely for free. Only the ads bring us some money back. The solution as it was, was not very satisfactory for us. It needed some refreshments. That was a reason to start working on it.

Thomas Clemens

Perfect, precise, quick this can only be a 10/10 :-)

A buddy and me, have been talking about starting a dating site, for all most a year, we have been searching the web for a suitable solution, found many script but nothing who stood out from the rest, in September 2007 we were starting to program one our self, but with all that we wanted the site to able to do we could see our self programming for the next 2 years, as we both got a job and family, so the time were a no existents one…

David W. West 

Hello ABK-Soft,
I love the ablespace script and your design team is the greatest. Your support and quick responses is the best I have seen in my 10 years on the net.
Jovan Lukjanovic

Hello my name is Jovan I am a abledating client and I am satisfied with the service.




Greg Bowden


I wanted to write you a letter and inform you of how very happy, and how very satisfied I am with your software. Your professional support team is by far the best in the business. Gary Coller, Oleg Goglichidize, Alexander Borovskoy, Vlad Mikhailichenko, Mikhail Cherkassky are very dedicated, knoweledgable, caring, and very courteous, a credit to your company.

William Todd Kennedy

My experience with AbleDating has be profoundly positive. Not only do they they have an efficient and speedy help ticket system, they also make you feel good just by sharing a positive attitdue. In my book friendliness and a cooperative spirit go a long long way.

AbleDating is perfectly “Able” and highly recommended.

William Todd Kennedy

 Amirhossein Moghadam

“Good - 10/10″

the abledating sotware and abk-soft company a best for ever in all the world

ABK-Soft Team 

Hello dear visitor!
We are happy to announce an absolute record of ! That site has got nearly 32 000 registered users at the moment and, as they say, they get new 3500 users a day (another site has 700 000 users but we do not have any data about the speed of growth). That is one of the best results in speed among the sites which use our software! We are really happy for the owners of that site and wish them the best luck in the future! Continue as you have started!

12th Dec, 2007

Excellent 10/10

N Tipping, Spain

We are extremely happy with the AbleSpace networking application.

10th Dec, 2007

It’s just a beauty!

Kumar Chaudhary

My website is based on Abledating & 3D Software. Being a quite senior level technocrat in USA, I can say that - Abledating is one of the best software pieces I have ever seen in life. It’s just a beauty.


Hello on all member

many thanks to all ABK-Soft technical support management mebers. the competence of all the members has helped, our project to be completed in time. Until now,
every problem was solved.

Teo Hock Kong

Hi ,

My name is Henry from Singapore. I purchased a Mixer dating script from ABK recently and have.

Willy Tjahjono
from the largest archipelago country in the world: Indonesia.

I am just an ordinary businessman trying my luck running a dating site and know absolutely nothing about computer programming language, not to mention the more specific php or asp or whatever… .I chose ABKSoft’s AbleDating upon not only knowing its rich and efficient features but far more important was upon finding the most welcoming and responsive pre-sale support through Skype chat. Thought then “these are the guys I should be working with and source my software from”, and now it has proven to be the right choice for me.

Mark Johnson

Dear ABK-Soft,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful dating software and the quick and professional support you gave me so far.

I purchased AbleDating 2.4 software and was very pleased when I managed to install it myself on the recommended by you web host Vista Pages. Just after a few clicks my dating web site was up and running. I was very excited when I opened the admin panel and saw how easy was to customise and set up the web site.

25th Nov, 2007

Fantastic Value - 10/10!

Bob Thompson

We already had a Social Network specifically for MLM Distributors; however we wanted to give our Members even more interaction. So we scoured the Internet to find a product that had both an integrated Affiliate Programme along with a professional interface. We came across AbleDating and checked the Demo Suite.

Paul Hopkins

Thank you for your community software!

Willy Tjanjono

I’ve been browsing through many community site script software listed on google,


Dear Abk-Soft,

I wanted to write a review of you customer support, because i’m pleased of the support you people give to me.
I just want to mention a few names whom i want to thank for the help with my main website —>

Dreamtech Solutions

Of course no Software company is perfect, but abk-soft is close to strive to satisfy the customers continuously.

16th Nov, 2007

I like my unique design.


I like my unique design.

Our software has won various awards on different download sites. Please check some of them here.

Ana Pobleanu

A amazing not-to-expensive dating software AbleDating is a software developed in PHP/MySQL with which developers can easily create an online dating site with many functionality modification options.

Daniel Zairi
London, UK

Hi my name is Daniel Zairi and I wanted to share my satisfaction from your software and level of service.

I have purchased the AbleSpace software and within a couple of hours the scripts was installed and running.

Kirk Meek,


No other software we looked at came close to what ABK-Soft can do, a
truly interactive environment for our customers with their design team
providing the unique look we wanted.

Mike, laniemm[AT]

Good day…
Just would like to compliment the design person for my unique
design,iam very very impressed !!

ABK-Soft Team,

Hello Dear Visitor of AbleDating & AbleSpace Reviews Site!We are the team of ABK-Soft Community and Dating solutions
( and
We have a lot of customers, sometimes our customers are a bit sad, when we for example deliver the design after the deadline in order to pilish it up, sometimes they are happy, when the site is installed and works ok. But unfortunately not all of the reviews that can be found online are genuine. Everyone knows the power of hidden marketing, when a competetor publishes bad reviews about a company in order to make it look unprofessional or full of scam. So sometimes it is harder to prove that you are what you are than to create the products! :-D So we created this site, totally devoted to GENUINE reviews of ABK-Soft’s clients.

Email: yakup_1981[AT]

After a long way of trying and searching many software i finally found the software that met all my expectations and necessary feautures to start a professional community.