12th Apr, 2009

A top notch program and highly recommended!

Sriramana Tirumalasetty



Hi there,

I have purchased Oryx over six months now, and I’ve never been over whelmed over a script the way I am about ablespace community site. After searching the internet and checking out softwares and programs. I have gained experience on the internet,lets just say, i know my whereabouts. I have decided to purchase a dating script after discussing the matter with my girlfriend from the Philippines she encouraged me to purchased a community script instead of a dating script. I have searched and tried out many script before and after I purchased Oryx and based on my personal experience I can say one thing “None can be compared to Oryx.” There might be other scripts out there but there are few script marketers who offers 99% total control over your purchased script and also support with technical problems that you encountered after you purchase a script from abk-soft. Others charge an installation fee while abk-soft install the script free of charge. To this end I would refer anyone to purchase Oryx, you would regret it, I didn’t and it had been over six months now. :-)


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