12th Apr, 2009

Coding is well organized


I spent years looking for dating script and load of money (thousands) making
a site that is no longer give people what they need. Abk-soft dating site is
by far, the best, the most completed dating site today.

- Sales are strong, kind and patient.. they (he) didn’t try to push me to
buy. Abk sales wanna help me understand my need before I buy.
- Coding well organized, and professional which mean easy and possible to do
some minor changes on your own.
- Installation is easy like a breeze
- Abk-expert can provide customized work to my specific need.
- Supports are GREAT even I asked stupid question sometime, so thanks to
their attention and patient.

I only start site a few days and my members and friends call me and tell me
either “thanks” or “awesome”. How cool is that?
I was only sorry that I didn’t find ABK-soft earlier

so thanks to abk–soft your software is “truely awesome”


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