12th Apr, 2009

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Some time ago I was heading a local singles group in the suburb I was living in.  We met once a week at a local restaurant bar.  We wanted to create an online presence that included dating.  I began my search and quickly realized there were several of them.  The task was to compare them all and try and make a decision. Chameleon led the pack in all fields.  They had better and more features, the price was reasonable, the script was open source and expandable, and with support for more than one tier of membership; in short it was way ahead of the field (who else has video chat?).  What also helped our decision were the support forums.  I noticed that the people using the script were helping each other and the ABK support staff was also helping.  I had a few questions that needed answering and the sales team always answered promptly.  Support didn’t stop after the sale though.  My subdivision, in a city called Kingwood, was not on the city list for Chameleon.  Their support staff added it for me promptly.  I have needed their support very few times, as it should be with well thought out and well written scripts, and they were always quick to get on fixing my problem.  I have had the script running for almost three years now and still would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in starting their own dating site.


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