12th Apr, 2009

Your software is AMAZING!

Jos Jaspers



Dear ABK-Soft,

In late 2007 I contracted with an Indian firm to develop a social networking
platform for my company. I’m an author and entrepreneur, and do a lot of
work in the therapeutic industry. The software was intended to serve as a
networking location for parents and therapists, and then I planned to expand
it into other areas of social networking. The process was a disaster. The
project, which was supposed to last three months, ended up lasting over a
year. And in the end they couldn’t deliver. I ended up wasting over $15,000.

Recently I came across your software. I read everything I could about you
(positive and negative), and felt I’d give your product a shot. And now,
after less than two weeks I am thrilled.

I know I’m a “difficult” customer. I’m often too direct with my criticism.
But don’t let it fool you. You have an amazing product, for which I am very
thankful. I can’t wait until my first site is complete so I can move on to
the next. I’ll learn more with each implementation.

So you can plan on seeing my blog entries, as the one mentioned in the
message below, anywhere I can find to do so on the internet. If any of the
“negative” reviewers had ever gone through the nightmare I went through with
my programmers they would never see this the way I do. Your software is
AMAZING. I believe it will serve my niche markets magnificently, and I
believe it will make me very wealthy.

If there are “negative” spots on the internet where I can counter the
negative comments made by others, I will find them. As more of my sites are
completed, my voice will be more and more powerful in opposition to those
who are bashing a great product.

So thank you again.

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